“It is the rarity that gives the artistic certificate”. Marcel Duchamp. 

Why is Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” so precious? What values such a piece of music by Mozart, or the resonance of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, until today? How is a tragic text by Sophocles or Euripides is performed until today in major theaters around the world? Rare can be interpreted in many ways in the field of art, and rarity can have many meanings depending on the context, but it can often add value to a work of art by making it stand out. The “rare” in the fields of art in general, can be considered as precious and unique, more specifically in the field of scenography which has an essential relationship with a living and ephemeral art, which is theater. In scenography, the “rare” can take on several aspects and meanings among them, elements of scenery or props that are difficult to find, techniques or approaches to scenography that are little used or little known. On the other hand, scenography can refer to exceptional or unique stage elements, in a performance that is performed in an unusual place, for a non-audience. therefore, our design for the stand of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art and Cultural Animation has just enriched the PQ 2023 with a scenography based on an artistic represents an ancestral Moroccan heritage,it also interprets it with a contemporary and minimalist vision, using different techniques to make it authentic, such as Moroccan architecture, amazigh accessories, Moorish origin. or Sahrawi, who marked theater in Morocco, with a well-studied composition aimed at representing the values and the plurality of our Moroccan culture.

CURATOR Amin Boudrika

ORGANISATION High Institute of Dramatic Art and Cultural Management "ISADAC"

PARTENERS Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, Kingdom of MOROCCO & Association Corp'scene, Morocco