The Tarbouch secret

The Tarbouch is a traditional Moroccan hat that has become a symbol of Moroccan culture and is often associated with elegance and refinement. As a rare element of Moroccan artisanat, it can be used as a starting point for an installation that celebrates the diverse artistic forms and cultural traditions of Morocco.

In our installation we approach the rare from the vernacular perspective.

In many cultures, vernacular art and craft traditions have developed over centuries, often in rural or isolated communities. These traditions incorporate local materials, techniques, and aesthetics, creating unique and distinctive objects that reflect the cultural heritage of the region.

The cultural heritage of Morocco is an accumulation of several layers and ethnic anchors, Amazigh, African, Jewish, Nomad and Arabic culture. Hence the use of transparency, which symbolizes the different visual breakthroughs that these different layers let us see between them.

In the halqa, one of the first forms of theater in Morocco , performers engage in a variety of artistic forms including storytelling, poetry recitation, music, and dance. This interdisciplinarity creates a dynamic and multifaceted performance that engages the audience on multiple levels. Similarly, in contemporary arts, interdisciplinarity is increasingly being embraced as a way to push the boundaries of traditional artistic forms and create new and innovative works that cross disciplinary boundaries.

Costumes are also an important part of traditional Moroccan theater, and they often incorporate unique and rare elements.

The costume also comes to dissimulate any expression or representation of gender, since the night of the times in Morocco.

And finally comes the oral transmission which is a full-fledged representation of the rare, which requires a maintenance and a perseverance that crosses generations.

To represent it we chose to start with a sound installation that touches the sensory more than the rational.

Corpus Universum

The body

This ephemeral creature, in which we project ourselves,

And through which we contemplate the universe.

To contemplate, or con-template, to become one with its first temple which is the body.

The human body, this complex and fascinating structure, becomes the primary representation of the rare essence that defines us. It is thanks to this singular entity that we can interact with the world around us, feel the sensations that reach us, and experience the emotions that animate us.

When the body houses the mind and consciousness in perfect harmony, the boundaries between the self and the universe dissipate, giving way to a translucent unity. The body then becomes a reflection of the beauty that surrounds it, allowing light to enter and refract through the senses.

“Corpus Universum” is much more than a mere artistic installation; it is a profound sensory experience that transports you beyond the conventional limits of perception. Let yourself be carried away by this unique artistic immersion where you can explore the intimate connection between your body and the universe that surrounds you, discovering a new perspective on your ephemeral yet infinitely precious and rare existence.

Team project

CURATORS Amin Boudrika & Yousra Badaoui

CREATIVE TEAM Stand design : Tarik Ribh, Badria Hassani, Amin Boudrika
Music installation : Yahya Badaoui
Lighting: Yassine ELhour
Video: Mahdi Boudrika
Communication Manager: Yousra Badaoui